Kakolat Waterfalls – A hidden treasure of nature

Kakolat Waterfalls is a hidden natural beauty of India or in other words it can be said as a stunning little hidden treasure.

Kakolat Waterfalls
Kakolat Waterfalls

Although the photo of Kakolat Waterfalls can be found in Rs. 5 Indian postal stamp, but a very few people (except people of South Bihar) know about this falls.

Politically located at Nawada district (33 Km from Nawada) of south Bihar (Bihar-Jharkhan border) this falls is physically situated at picturesque Kakolat hills, surrounded by dense forest and can be reached by car from Patna, Gaya, Rajgir. Nearest tourist spot is Rajgir. So, it can be considered as a sightseeing of Rajgir.

Since there is no other way of communication it is suggested to take a car from Rajgir/ Gaya and drive through NH 31 (Ranchi-Patna highway) and turn right from Fatehpur More. The journey up to Fatehpur More is very romantic as the road condition is very good. But from Fatehpur More the road is gradually poor up to Ektara Village. From Ektara Village the road is miserable up to the foot hill of Kakoat Hills. After 20 minutes journey in this road the gate of Kakolat Waterfalls comes.

Leaving the car at the gate walking gets started. The guides lead the the tourists from the gate. After a small hike of 5 minutes through eye soothing greenery Kakolat Waterfalls is seen where the sheer beauty of mother nature is cascading marvelously.

The waterfalls cascades down from a height of 150 feet and formed a natural reservoir below. The perennially cool water of the falls is so refreshing that almost every tourist/ picnickers take a bath in the reservoir.


Mythology associated with Kakolat Waterfalls:

Once upon a time there was a handsome and good looking king who was very proud of his beauty and physique. His bad habit was to humiliate other people who were not good looking and ill. One day he came across Ashtabakra Muni and insulted him in a cruel manner. At the very beginning Ashtabakra Muni remained calm and tried to avoid the king but the king repeatedly insulted him. At last the Muni got angry and cursed the king so that the king turned into a python – Agasura. After a long spell the king got liberated by bathing in this falls and he proclaimed that the people who took a dip there would never be reborn as snake.

Another legend says that pandavas visited this falls during their exile.

Discovery of the falls and tourism:

On 1811, this falls was discovered by Mr. Francis Buchanan and he claimed that the density of the reservoir was very dip. But after repeated stone throwing, the dnsity became gradually lower s that now people can bath easily.

After its discovery now days it has become a picnic spot and tourim has been developed based on it. The natural beauty of this area is very refreshing.

Either considering these legends or just for the refreshing cool water people who come here takes a dip in the reservoir. There are separate changing rooms for men and women.

People can take small hikes from this falls but it is strongly suggested not to disobey the guides as the forest is a bit restricted area from political point of view.

Cultural Events:

Apart from the tourism, a big religious event accompanied with a fair of three days is held in this place during “Chai Sankranti” (Mid April). Many devotees come here to take a dip.


Train to Rajgir/ Patna/ Bakhtiyarpur followed by a car can reach you to Kakolat Waterfalls.


No hotel is available near Kakolat Waterfalls. The tourists need to stay in Rajgir/ Patna.



  1. Such a beautiful blog! In Patna, Moreover these destinations there are several places like Vasundhara Metro Mall, Folk Art Museum, St Luke's Church, Begu Hajjam's Mosque, Rajendra Smriti Sangrahalaya Museum, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library and Kamaldah Jain Temple etc where you can visit by car rentals or cab services.


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