My experiences in Stockholm during Fall

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” said by Albert Camus. I realised Camus’s words after spending one Autumn (Fall) in Sweden. The entire Europe becomes colourful during fall. Since Sweden has the largest forest cover among all the European Countries, Fall will obviously be the most colourful in this country. Apart from the colours of the trees, Fall is the only time when you can see the colourful hour-long sunset and if you are lucky enough, you can witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis. 

This post is about my experiences during the fall in Stockholm. To get the details of seeing places and activities of Stockholm, you can click here to see my post about the city. Even clicking here, you can see my city wise travelogues.

Being the greenest country of Europe, Sweden has 28,073 hectares of vegetation that covers almost 69% of the country (source: Atlas). Moreover, the city is decorated with trees like maple, Oak, Apple and Cherry. So, I expected to see a colourful city. Let me share my experience. 

After a cold and cloudy long weekend of early October, I was going to the office. I went to the nearest tram stop – Luma. I got surprised to see the colours of the cherry trees. It was my very first experience of witnessing the fall colour. 

On the same day, while coming back home, I found a man walking on his way home and the fall colour made his home look like a wallpaper.

I planned to visit the parks of Stockholm. I called my friend Sourav and planned for the next weekend. Earlier, I experienced lush greenery in those parks. I expected a riot of colours there but in reality, it was more than my expectation.

Sourav and I started our journey from Kungstradgarden, a park famous for Cherry Blossoms during the Spring. But, I found this royal garden colourful during the fall season too.

From Kungstagarden, we got on a tram that took us to Djurgarden. My goodness! It was a riot of colours. Without writing more, it is better to add some photographs.

Suddenly we planned to visit the other gardens. We came back to T-Centralen and via tunnelbana (Stockholm underground rail) we visited Hagaparken. Unfortunately, the sky became over casted but the warm light of cloudy day made the park more colourful.

Sourav and I decided to visit the Stockholm Archipelagos. I booked the boat ride and witnessed the colourful small islands. 

Next day, I visited the office. During the lunch break, Sourav shared his experience of visiting Uppsala. He went to the tax office of Uppsala for the Visa extension. He saw the colours.

Next weekend I went to Uppsala, a university town 12 kilometres away from Stockholm. The town is famous for its greenery. There are three botanical gardens inside the town. All of them were blooming in the colours.

I came back early. It was a bright day in Stockholm. I thought of experiencing the Sunset from Zinkensdamm. I availed the train of Tunnelbana Red Line and visited there. 

While returning home I got a Facebook Notification. It was an alert about the probability of seeing Aurora Borealis from the Lappy’s Beach of Stockholm. Sourav got it too. He called me. Fortunately, I was near Zinkensdamm, so I asked him to come there. 

When he came we had dinner and by the Tunnelbana Red Line, we got down at Universitet and from there, by bus we reached Lappy’s Beach

After a wait of two hours finally we got a glimpse of it. It was not very clear but definitely an amazing experience.

We planned to visit Kiruna next month to chase the Aurora Borealis. Here is the experience of Witnessing the dance of the Northern Light.


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